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Meet Dr. Anna Lee  DDS.


#525 - 329 North Rd.

Coquitlam BC  V3K 3V8

3D Cone beam CT

If the existing panoramic X-ray screen is composed of a two-dimensional flat screen and the oral structures are overlapped or distorted and the accurate anatomic analysis and diagnosis are difficult, the 3D stereoscopic image through the CT scan is not only the patient's teeth You can see all of the important anatomical structures hidden deep in the patient's jawbone length, width, depth, and neural structures.
Especially, it is very useful for determining the exact position, implanting angle and length of implant to be implanted at the time of diagnosis, and it is also used for various dental diagnosis such as wisdom tooth extraction.


It is designed to prepare autologous concentrated growth factor (CGF) using patient's own blood wich is the ideal autologous source without the addition of exogenous substances.CGF represents a new generation of platelet that able to hold inside a higher concentration of autologus 

Growth factors are proteins which regulate the complex processes of wound healing and enhance the body's healing abilities without side-effects.

The purpose of sedation system is to create a comfortable atmosphere for anyone who fears pain, experiences anxiety, needs a wisdom tooth extraction or oral surgery, or would like to have multiple procedures completed in a short time. Dr. Anna Lee is experienced & professionally trained to administer sedation for dental patients.

Dental Sedation System

Soft Tissue Laser

It has revolutionized chairside treatment, allowing dental professionals to deliver procedures with greater accuracy and dramatically improved healing times. Performing a gingivectomy, treating a cold sore, uncovering a cuspid or troughing a molar for impressions, dental lasers achieve consistently superior results. 

Computerized  Local Anesthesia System

It carefully guides dental professionals as they are performing dental injections. Patients who experience this technology will find it offers less pain and more contained numbness for the area that is being treated by using single tooth anesthesia.

Teeth Whitening System

 This system is clinically proven to whiten teeth up to eight shades in 45 minutes and has clinically superior results and efficacy. In a study, WhiteSpeed provided over 50% better results than leader non light competitor immediately following the procedure and after seven and 30 days. When combined with pH booster in the whitening gel, WhiteSpeed's advanced blue LED technology greatly accelerates the whitening process.

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